Biking is a great way to get around The Ranch and beyond. A combination of dedicated and shared bike lanes and pathways make biking throughout our community convenient, fun, and safe!

Safety for everyone is our priority – for cyclists, pedestrians and vehicular travel.  We urge you to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road for bicycles, particularly with the popularity of e-bikes and exercise caution as our roads and sidewalks are for everyone’s use and enjoyment.

Here are some resources we hope you’ll find helpful:

Regional Biking Information

Orange County Bikeways Map

OC Bike Coalition:

Cycling Savvy:

Safe Riding Information

Check out this Safe Cycling video hosted by OC Bike Coalition for Rancho Mission Viejo

Navigating Traffic Circles



What’s your Bike Size?

Where Various Types of Bikes are Allowed and User Requirements


RanchRide NEV/Biking

The Ranch Plan – NEV Transportation and Sustainable Circulation Plan

A unique aspect of Rancho Mission Viejo is its Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) plan, developed in partnership with Orange County and the CA Highway Patrol which establishes safety standards and regulates the use of low-speed vehicles (also known as NEV’s) on our trails and roadways.

Vehicles using public roads (which are part of our NEV network) must meet certain State requirements and be registered with the California DMV.  The Ranch Plan also requires these low-speed vehicles to be registered through Rancho MMC to obtain an access code to these multi-purpose pathways.

Golf carts are NOT considered low-speed (NEV) vehicles and are not permitted on our NEV trail system.

To register your NEV with Rancho MMC, contact [email protected].

To find out more about NEV/LSV’s and why golf carts are not part of this category click here.

NEV and Bike Area Maps

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